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Solved Problems

The following posts are word problems in Mathematics with a given solution. Thus, it is called "Solved Problems". To browse by topic or category, please use the drop-down menu above.

Business Venture Problem

Investment Problem
A woman invested in two business ventures. Last investment moneyyear she made a profit of 15 percent from the first venture but lost 5 percent from the second venture.

If last year's income from the two investments was equivalent to a return of 8 percent on the entire amount invested, how much had she invested in each venture?

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Stockholders' Profit Share

Profit Sharing
profit sharing problem
The profits of a business are shared among three stockholders. The first stockholder receives twice as much as the second and the second receives three times as much as the third. If the profits for last year were $26,400, how much did each stockholder receive?

This type of problem can be solved using equations in one variable only. This is possible since we can express one unknown value in terms of the other. Thus,


Dime and Nickel

Dime and Nickel Problemdime and nickel math problem

A parking meter coin slot receives dimes and nickels. When the meter box is emptied, there were 148 coins and a total of $10.65. How many dimes and how many nickels were there? Read more »

Movie Ticket Problem

Admission ticket to a motion picture theater were priced at $5 for adult and $3 for the student. 820 tickets were sold and the total receipts were $2860, how many of the each type of ticket were sold?

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Geometry Problem - Triangles

unsolved triangleThe longest side of a triangle is twice as long as the shortest side and 2 feet longer than the third side. If the perimeter of the triangle is 33 feet, what is the length of each side? Read more »

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