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Math Puzzles

The following pages list common and rare Math Puzzles that will definitely challenge your Mathematical skills. All these puzzles have solutions that are available only upon request. (For Solution Request, Use the CONTACT link).

A Charitable Bequest

last will and testamentA man left instruction to his executers to distribute once a year exactly fifty-five shillings among the poor of his parish; but they were only to continue the gift so long as they  could make it in different ways, always giving eighteen pence  each to a number of women and half a crown each to men.

During how many years could the charity be administered? Of course, by “different ways” is meant a different number of men and women every time.

A Queer Coincidence

game of luckSeven men, whose names were Adams, Baker, Carter, Dobson, Edwards, Francis, and Gudgeon, were recently engaged in play. The name of the particular game is of no consequence.

They had agreed that whenever a player won a game he should double the money of each of the other players – that is, he was to give the players just as much money they had already in their pockets.


bean feast

A number of men went out together on a bean-feast. There were four parties invited—namely: 25 cobblers, 20 tailors, 18 hatters, and 12 glovers. They spent altogether £6, 13s.

It was found that five cobblers spent as much as four tailors; that twelve tailors spent as much as nine hatters; and that six hatters spent as much as eight glovers.

How much each of the four parties spent?

Barter: How many animals were there?

Three old friends met at a livestock market. livestock

“Look here,” said Ronnie to Rueben, “I’ll give you six of my pigs for one of your horses, and then you’ll have twice as many animals here as I’ve got.”

“If that’s your way of doing business,” said Roger to Ronnie, “I’ll give you fourteen of my sheep for a horse, and then you’ll have three times as many animals as I.” Read more »

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