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Math Puzzles

The following pages list common and rare Math Puzzles that will definitely challenge your Mathematical skills. All these puzzles have solutions that are available only upon request. (For Solution Request, Use the CONTACT link).

The Cyclists’ Feast

‘T was last Bank Holiday, so I’ve been told, restaurant bill
Some cyclists rode abroad in glorious weather;
Resting at noon within tavern old,
They all agreed to have a feast together.

“Put it all in one bill, mine host, “they said,
“For every man an equal share will pay.”
The bill was promptly on the table laid,
And four pounds was the reckoning that day.

But, sad to state, when they prepared to square,
‘Twas found that two had sneaked outside and fled,
So, for two shillings more than his due share

Christmas Presents

Whom do you think I met in town last week, Brother William?” said Uncle Benjamin. 

“That old skinflint Barret. His family had been taking christmas presentshim around buying Christmas presents. He said to me, ‘Why can’t the government abolish Christmas, and make the giving of presents punishable by law?  I came out this morning with a certain amount of money in my pocket, and I find I have spent just half of it. In fact, if you will believe me, I take home just as many shillings as I had pounds, and half as many pounds as I had shillings. It is monstrous!’” Read more »

The Two Aero Planes

A man recently bought two aero planesaero planes.

But afterwards he realized that the planes would not answer the purpose for which he wanted them. So he sold them for £600 each, making a loss of 20 percent on one machine and a profit of 20 percent on the other.

Did he make a profit on the whole transaction, or a loss? And how much?

Grand Charity

grandest charityA charitable gentleman, on his way home one night, was appealed to by three needy persons in succession for assistance.

To the first person he gave one penny more than half the money he had in his pocket; to the second person he gave twopence more than half the money he then had in his pocket; and to the third person he handed over threepence more than half of what ha had left. On entering his house he had only one penny in his pocket.

Now, can you say exactly how much money that gentleman had on him when he started for home?

The Widow’s Legacy

family-shareThere was a man who recently died and left the sum of £8,000 to be divided among his widow, five sons, and four daughters.

He directed that every son should receive three times as much as a daughter, and that every daughter should have twice as much as their mother.

What was the widow’s share?

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