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Math Puzzles

The following pages list common and rare Math Puzzles that will definitely challenge your Mathematical skills. All these puzzles have solutions that are available only upon request. (For Solution Request, Use the CONTACT link).

The Millionaire's Perplexity

Mr. Morgan G. Bloomgarten, a millionaire, known in the States as the Calm King, had, for his sins, more money than

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Pocket Money

how much pocket money



What is the largest sum of money – all in current silver coins and no four-shilling piece — that I could have in my pocket without being able to give change for  half-sovereign?

Square Money

“This is queer,” Enrico said to his friend.square coins

“Twopence added to twopence is fourpence,and twopence multiplied by twopence is also fourpence.”

Of course, he was wrong in thinking you can multiply money by money. The multiplier must be regarded as an abstract number.

It is true that two feet multiplied by two feet will make four square feet. Similarly, two pence multiplied by two pence will produce four square pence! And it will perplex the reader to say what a “square penny” is.

Writing Monetary Figures

euro moneyThe largest sum of the money that can be written in pounds, shilling, pence, and farthings, using each of the nine digits once and only once, is £98,765, 4s. 3½ d.

Now, try to discover the smallest sum of money that can be written down under precisely the same conditions.

There must be some value given for each denomination—pounds, shillings, pence, and farthings – and the nought may not be used. It requires just a little judgment and thought.

Money Addition

It will be found that £66, 6s. 6d. equals 15,918 penceeuropean money.

Now, the four 6’s added together make 24, and the figure in 15,918 also add to 24. It is a curious fact that there is only one other sum of money, in pounds, shillings, and pence (all similarly repetitions of one figure), of which the digits shall add up the same as the digits of the amount in pence.

What is the other sum of money?

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