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uniform motion advanced math

Mike can run a mile in 6 minutes, and Dan can run the same mile in 9 minutes. If Mike gives Dan a head start of 1 minute, how far from the starting line will Mike pass Dan? Firma Rehberi What amount of time does it take Mike to catch Dan?

uniform motion advanced math

Two cars enter interstate 10 west at Siegen Lane at 8:00am, each heading for Texas. One car's average speed is 10 mph more than the other's. the faster car arrives in Beaumont at 11:00am, a half hour before the other. what was the average speed of each car and how far did they travel?

Uniform Motion Problem

A long-distance runner started on a course at an average speed of 8 mph. Half an hour later, a second runner began the same course at an average speed of 10 mph. How long after the second runner starts will the second runner overtake the first runner?

Using the Distance Formula, D = RT where D is the distance, R is the rate of motion, and T is the time. Hence, Distance for runner 1 is D1 and distance for runner 2 is D2. Since the two runners are said to travel at the "same course", distance is equal; D1 = D2. So these are the derived equations: D1 = RT D1 = 8 (x + 1/2) D2 = RT D2 = 10 (x) ; since runner 2 travelled the least amount of time (since he started late) we call his T as x. Since D1 = D2 it gives; 8 (x + 1/2) = 10x Solving for X: 8x + 4 = 10x 4 = 10x - 8x 4 = 2x 2 = x Therefore, after 2 hours that the second runner starts, the second runner overtakes the first runner. CHECK: Distance of first runner: D1 = 8(x + 1/2) D1 = 8x + 4 D1 = 8(2)+4 D1 = 20 miles D2 = 10x D2 = 10(2) D2 = 20 miles This means that after 2 hours that the second runner starts, he will be on equal distance (20 miles) with the first runner. Since the second runner is running at a faster rate, he will start to overtake the first runner.
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